Watercolor Tulips

She’s home! My daughter, that is. Three in the morning is an awful time to arrive but very much worth the wait. We have a crazy busy week planned and I can’t wait to get started. Road trip today!

A few weeks ago I was playing around with watercolor paints. Not the ink refills but the actual tubes of watercolor paint. While I was experimenting I ended up doing a little freestyle watercolor sketch and made it into a card.

The great thing about watercolors, is their transparency and fluidity lend themselves well to a very informal and rough simple style. When you watercolor it doesn’t have to be perfect.

To make the tulips, I started out by making rough oval shapes with a very light application of my hue. As it dries you can add layers to build up the color and add some definition to the image. The leaves and stems are just simply long quick brush strokes that trail off.

Quick Tip: Try experimenting with different mediums. Explore your creativity and think outside the box or in this case, outside stamped images. You can do it!

Have a creative day!

3 responses to “Watercolor Tulips

  1. I LOVE your watercolor tulips and I’m itching to “play” in the craft room — so much going on right now so it’ll have to wait!

  2. I love seeing people use watercolour to create – as a professional watercolour painter, I am passionate about the beauty of watercolour, and the loose style of painting is my favourite. It’s so fun to mess around with paint! Your card is lovely.

  3. I love watercolors! Your tulips turned out so pretty! Great brushstrokes!

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