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Etsy is a wonderful place to shop. It’s full of crafting supplies and better yet, handmade creations that will inspire you and be amazed at all the creativity these artisans and crafters have.
Some of you may know that I have an Etsy store. Because the last few years have been a little crazy, I put it on hold for almost two years. In the meantime, I’ve created quite a stash of handmade cards and projects. So many that I could never use them all up myself.

Now seems like the perfect time to jump back in and get Belle Etsy up and running again. I’ve been busy listing and here’s a peek at a few of the designs you can find there. I’d love for you to pop by and have a peak!

If you’re interested in my creations, stop back regularly as I have a ton of cards still to list. An easy link is at the top of my right sidebar and you can like the etsy shop on Facebook here.

Thanks so much for your support!

5 responses to “my etsy shop

  1. so happy to see you active again on Etsy! it’s such a lovely place! 🙂

    I sent you an email regarding a technique several weeks ago but never heard back. I know you are incredibly busy, so I’ll ask the question here.

    a while back you talked about how you got the great snow texture on your jingle bells. I looked as best I could through the past posts to try to find it again, but couldn’t. I haven’t used gesso or the other texture mediums before, but have some bells I would really love to see ‘snowified’!

    any suggestions please? thanks for any help you can offer!
    enjoy your day! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jennifer! And so sorry on the delay. I was thinking about that this morning and going to try and search for the message. Was this post
    what you were talking about? I did use gesso. It’s just like a white paint that will stick to pretty much anything.

  3. PS you have a good memory on that post! Almost three years ago! 🙂

  4. thank you so much!
    I haven’t made the investment into the gesso yet, but most certainly will now. is it thicker than the standard acrylic?

    I really appreciate you posting this link! 🙂
    have a great day!

  5. Yes is it slightly thicker. Have fun!

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