Daily Archives: December 1, 2012

simply saturday…hello darling

I’m back with a simply Saturday card. Of course, going with the theme, it’s a very clean and simple design. Perfect for those people in your life who don’t like a lot of frou-frou. My favourite part is the darling little wood shapes. Way too cute!

Lately things have been kind of up and down in my life. You may have¬† noticed the lack of posting lately. One part of that is I’ve been trying to find some balance in my life. Mostly though, chronic sinus issues and headaches have been really affecting my output. The last three months have been really difficult to work through. Yes, I’ve seen a doctor and we’re hoping to find a solution. I just wanted to share that yes, I’m still loving crafting and hoping to get back to my regular self soon. Please bear with me!

Quick tip: Circles are always a fun design element. Play around with how you use them. Placing them off the edges of the design makes for an interesting design.


Have a simply wonderful Saturday!