Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

the absence of color

Color is fabulous.

Can you imagine a world without color? I can’t even begin to!

But what about a card without color?

Take a look…

I don’t know about you but I’m thinking a card without color is not too bad of a thing. In fact, white on white cards are one of my favorites to make.

By taking one of the design elements away (color), and a strong design element at that, you really get to play up some of the other elements of design. Like texture and balance. Mmmmm….texture! I think that’s my favorite thing to create with.

Quick Tip: When creating an all white card, think of different ways to make the design interesting. Will it be texture? Design? Line?

White on white cards are great for a variety of occasions. With winter fast approaching, white on white is perfect for the holidays, and year-round…how about for a new baby, a wedding or just a pretty feminine design?

So take it away and have fun with the absence of color!

Enjoy your day!