Daily Archives: November 10, 2012

splat … a simply saturday design

It’s been a few months since I first played around with Distress Stains and created some fun splatters with them. I thought it might be fun to get them out again and do some random “splats” for a very quick, fun and freestyle background.

I’ve had a lot of questions about the splats so I thought I’d just list a few points to help you achieve a nice and juicy splatter.

  1. you’re going to need lots of distress stain in your dabber so make sure you’re not running on empty. these last forever it seems so unless you use them all the time, you should be good
  2. pull out some scrap paper, you’ll want to practice and also make sure the sponge at the top is well loaded.
  3. to get lots of stain in the top of the sponge, press the dabber top down onto the scrap paper. every time the dabber top mechanism is depressed, it releases more fluid. if your sponge top isn’t saturated, keep depressing.
  4. to get a good splat, I hold the dabber upside down at about 6 inches above my paper. quickly bang the dabber down on the surface to create your splat
  5. if you’re not getting a good splatter, the sponge is probably too dry…see point 3
  6. remember that this is a very random technique…no two splats will be the same


Hope your Saturday is simply fabulous!