Daily Archives: August 14, 2012

watercolor butterflies

I’ve been doing a little computer housekeeping this past week. We had ordered a new computer as our other one was ancient and giving last dying gasps. I thought we’d better replace it and back up the files before I lost everything. Last Friday and Saturday I ended up with lots of time on my hands to purge out some of the files. An electrical storm early Friday morning woke us up and fried out phone and internet lines. No internet kept me from uploading and also getting distracted and made it the perfect time to do a digital clean up.

With all this file organizing, I ended up finding a few card designs that I had never shared. Here’s one using Avocado Arts stamps and a watercolor type stamping technique.

To create the background on this card, I started off with watercolor paper and sponged it with lots of ink. When misted with water the distress ink blends beautifully. After creating the background, I stamped the butterflies onto the damp paper to make them subtly blend into the paper.

The crisper stamped images are stamped after the image is very dry. I like to heat set it a bit with a heat gun to make very sure when I want that final image to make a crisp impression.

Now that my new computer is here, I’ve been busy getting it set up and everything installed. I’m excited to have internet again and once I get caught up, I’ll be back with some new designs.

Happy creating!