vintage thoughts

Shabby and vintage are styles that I can never seem to get enough of. The texture, the distressing, the collage-style of putting pieces together to make a whole…well, it’s just a design style that comes naturally for me.

Today’s card is one I created last year just for fun with scraps from my desk. If you read Cards magazine, you just may have seen it before as it was published in a previous issue. I’ve been trying to figure out which one but the answer seems to be eluding me at the moment.

I’m still infatuated with canvas. I purchased this canvas at a local fabric store and then tore it into strips to create a frayed edge. I love the texture it gives this simple rolled flower embellishment. The canvas is simply rolled and spiraled onto a Gluber.


Have a beautiful day!

6 responses to “vintage thoughts

  1. What a sweet card, Julia! I may just borrow this idea for my sister’s birthday in August!

  2. Also my favourite styles. Love, love this card. You never fail to amaze me with your different looks & how you put your supplies together in the most creative ways. Best wishes for the summer.

  3. laura huffman

    love your shabby chic style.

  4. This is gorgeous, love all the texture!

  5. You create the most beautiful cards. I can always get inspired here and I really appreciate it!

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