Daily Archives: March 27, 2011

I wish

i wish i had more time.
i wish it felt like spring.
i wish i didn’t procrastinate.
i wish i always knew the best thing to do.
i wish i were thinner.
i wish a good friend lived closer.

lots of wishes. of course i have more and i’m sure you do to. some of them i can’t do anything about and some¬† of them i can.

so now is the time to stop wishing and for me to start doing. it should be an interesting process!


this card uses the new Up the Street Scrapbooking kit. love it!

this prima flower (part of the kit too) is so pretty but to make it tie into this design better, i colored the center with a copic marker. remember how i said i saved some of the prima bling? this is the rest of it.

i am seriously lovin this kit. i can’t wait to share the next project i made in a few days. stay tuned!

wishing you a beautiful day!