6 sketches & a digital file

Do you like sketches?  If so, I thought I’d share the sketches that I drew up for the previous 6 Mitten Weather cards. You can use them to create Christmas cards or get creative and put your own spin on the sketches.

Another thing I have to share with you today is the digital file from my Noel King Card published in the Nov/Dec issue of Paper Crafts magazine. this card can be found on page 47. I’ve had a few requests on how to do this so I’ll share the basics on how I created it. For those of you who don’t want to bother with creating it yourself, you’re welcome to download the version below for printing off yourself.

To create this text art you’ll need to use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or another graphics program. I created mine in PSE and here are the basic steps…

  • create a new 4×4 inch blank file at 300 dpi
  • go to view and then select grid to help you layout the project
  • creating a separate text layer for each main letter spell out N, O, E, L and arrange them into a square shape. add color as desired
  • Simplify or rasterize layers so that you can widen letters to form a square
  • add smaller type layers for the black sentiment additions
  • save and print as desired

Happy creating!

2 responses to “6 sketches & a digital file

  1. so nice of you to share! Thanks!

  2. Thanks sooo much for sharing Julia!!

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