I always knew…

I always knew I was a princess.

Here’s my latest portrait…



At least my 4yo thinks I am. And who wouldn’t love that? 🙂

That flower on my head is really a crown. His creative interpretation.

As Christmas gets closer I’m feeling more like the Queen of Chaos.

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Have a great day,

4 responses to “I always knew…

  1. That is just precious Julia!!! Nothing better than this!

  2. Bonnie aka raduse

    That’s absolutely darling! You have a wonderful portrait drawn by a fantastic artist. 🙂

  3. Hee, hee, hee. That is DEFINATELY a keeper! Too cute!

  4. well I think you look quite regal in your robe and crown. you only need a scepter…… oh yes, and a throne…. grins! I would most certainly frame it! please tell him that I think he is an artist! 🙂 that is the best present in the whole wide world!

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