Daily Archives: November 26, 2009

A Sweet Challenge

Wow! It’s one of those mornings. So hard to stay on track. I even forgot to eat breakfast and was wondering why I was so hungry in the grocery store this morning. My son who works there was actually shocked to see me. Since he’s been working there, I usually send him with a list every few days making it possible for me not to visit the store for weeks on end. Mean mum? I don’t think so. He lives and eats here for free so this is his household contribution. :)

Anyhow, for today’s project I needed some chocolate. yumm. I thought they’d have mini bars at the grocery store but no and I got sidetracked with a big grocery shop and then I still needed to go to the drug store where I KNEW they had some. So I got home, put away the groceries, finally ate some breakfast, created my project (running back and forth up and down two flights of stairs as half my craft stuff is upstairs in my old corner the other half in my new semi-finished craft room), set up the project for photographing and the camera battery died. Anyone else having one of those days?

So now I’m typing up the project while I wait. Tick. Tock. It’s now past noon and I still have a couple projects to create this afternoon. I would totally love a nap. Today I’m feeling slightly better but had a fever last night and would just like to feel human again.

Oh yes! Totally forgot to mention the challenge. Today’s challenge is to find ways to use Sweets. Check it out here.

So. I finally go the picture to upload. This was supposed to be a quick and easy project. I guess it would have been if my day hadn’t been derailed. Anyone ever read Alexander and the Terrible Horribly No Good Very Bad Day?! Loved that book as a kid.

 Candy Wraps and Blossom Box


So here’s the quick project details…

If you’re still with me…you don’t want to miss this! Ellen Hutson is having some fabulous Black Friday sales! Check it out here. It starts at 12 am PST Friday morning so don’t miss out!

And finally, here’s a little project I just finished for my DIY blog. I just couldn’t resist sharing it here too. Tasseled…


Have a creative day and a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving to my American friends!