Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

I love Canvas

 I’m so excited to be starting a new mini album. It’s a gorgeous 8×8 Canvas album and over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing different pages and tutorials with it. I can’t wait to see where the project goes. This week I made a start on it using stitching and beautiful trims. This album is going to be a tribute album of my mom. In the right picture, she’s the middle sister on her father’s knee in the late 1930’s. Doesn’t look like getting her picture taken was quite her plan at that moment. She’s also the little girl on the left in the car photo. These pictures are all I’ve found so far of her at a very young age. I wish there were more. I think it’s a good thing that this album is canvas and not paper. There may be more than a few tears shed on it.

The Beginning


I have a tutorial on this project today. Stop by and check it out at the CLASSroom.

Check back in tomorrow as I actually have another project made. This time it’s a sneak peek at my latest stamp set.

Happy creating!