Daily Archives: March 19, 2009

The Great White North and inking about storage….

It’s almost spring! Just a few more days on the calendar but here in the Great White North??? Well, I have to be honest. Just because we’re in Canada doesn’t mean that we’re at the tundra. Actually, where we live is south of quite a few parts of the northern US states.Be that as it may, we took a little drive up to Lake Huron last Saturday and there is still ice on the lake as far as you can see. We took a fun trip to the sugar bush on the way there and that was so super fun. I was thinking that morning that I REALLY need to spend the day cleaning. I mean really NEED. Hubby said…no. We’re taking the two little boys and taking the day off. Is there any doubt why I love this man?! The sugar bush had horse drawn wagon rides, a tour of the facility and woods and some lovely animals in the barn. My favorite part was the oh so yummy pancake, sausage, baked beans and maple cupcake brunch. Oh yes…those maple sugar candies too. Seriously…I need to start that diet.





bucket.jpg Hope you don’t mind all these photos today! I’ve been having so much fun with my camera. Learning how to use it! These photos were all taken on Av and Tv modes. In other words…semi- manual. I’m really excited to have gone totally manual since then. Candice Stringham is really teaching a great class. 🙂 I can’t wait until Monday to see what she has for us next!

Now…as far as the second part of my title, I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m finally starting to plan out exactly what I need for my new little studio. LOL That seems like too grand a word for my little room. It’s only about 7 x 8 feet and I’ll be lucky if I can turn around once I get everything in. That means I have to plan it VERY carefully. I’ve figured out my stamp, paper and embellishment storage but have hit a wall with the ink. I have about 100+ full size ink pads and that doesn’t include  the little dew drop chalk inks and memento inks. Yikes! They have to be pretty accessible as I use them all the time. Right now I have four Dzn-Tech units. Do you remember them? I love them but that still only gives me 48 slots. Do you have any good storage solutions for ink pads? I’d love to hear from you with links if you do!

Have a beautiful day!