Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

Digi Dabblings

I’m still hard at work on my Jessica Sprague Digi In Deep class. I’m totally thrilled with how much I’m learning and I have to say…my brain didn’t hurt so much this week. I think I’m getting back into the digi swing of things. If you do digi, the best tip I can give is to keep at it! That way you keep learning and aren’t so likely to forget what you’ve learned. One of the best things about JS classes, is you can go back and watch the videos again and again if you need to. Perfect for those…”hmmmm, how DID I do that?!” moments.

Now and Then (click for a closer look)


This was a great class. I learned how to create patterned paper from brushes, add stitching, blend photos together, add textures, recolor things and the list goes on. I had hoped to get assignment b done to share with you as well today but I need a few more hours in my day! Michele Boyer has graciously offered to host today’s Ways to Use it challenge for me. I’m not quite sure what she has up her sleeves but with such a sweet and talented gal…I’m sure it will be a good one!

Have a fabulous day!