My New Stamp Room

I just had to share this photo of my new stamp room in the making. LOL I KNOW it is going to take a little time to get there! I’ve had people ask me for photos of my stamp room but…the sad truth is, I just don’t have one yet! I design in a very messy corner of our family room on one little desk. Where do I store the supplies?! On the desk, under the desk, on the floor, in cupboards…wherever I can find an inch! And so…it really WOULD break my camera to try and take a pic… especially after how busy I have been lately!

And so…. this “lovely” photo is of my new stamping space. See that lovely hole in the ground…it extends right under my kitchen and what used to be part of my wrap-around porch. I just can’t wait…another bedroom for one of the boys, a bathroom, a storage closet and a small 8×8 foot room for me. Can you see the area right where the concrete blocks are…that’s it! :) Be it ever so humble, I still Can’t wait! I’m just not enjoying the process but hey…when you buy a century old house…what can you expect?! Tomorrow those blocks are going to start forming the basement addition walls. I’ve got the bestest hubby in the world for tackling this job! Don’t you think? :) He’s been putting 30-40 hours a week in on this job on top of his 44 hour week. Stay tuned for more updates! I’m sure that from here…it is only going to get better!


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  1. Congrats on the new stamping room! Can you imagine how creative you can be in your own dedicated stamping space? :))The possibilties are endless!!

    Shawn K.

  2. Awesome!!! Hope you have lots of windows!!! 5 wonder how many times you will change your room layout!!! TFS

  3. That is great Julia! I can totally understand your excitement! Congratulations and be sure to keep us updated on the progress!


  4. Congrats on getting your own stamping space. As many irons as you have in the fire you certainly deserve one!

    We have 3 bedrooms-master and 2 that our daughters used when they were home. One is now used for a guest room and the smaller one is my office where I pay bills on one desk (two file cabinets with a piece of countertop), my computer area (again 2 file cabinets and countertop on the opposite wall), my ironing board stays set up and I have my cabinet sewing machine set up and 2 chairs for “guests”. It has gotten a lot more crowded since I started stamping in April and buying supplies!! May have to get rid of some quilting/crafting supplies as I don’t do much of those type things much now that I am addicted to stamping and scrapping. (grin)

  5. Lucky girl!!! Can’t wait to see the finish room!! You are soooo lucky to have a handy husband,you’ll have to reward him some how now,lol. Enjoy the room in making!

  6. Lucky girl and all by himself for your family- he ROCKS!!

  7. Super exciting, you’ll have to keep us updated with work in progress pictures! Your hubby sounds like a keeper!

  8. Wow, your husband is a saint! How great that he will do that for you! I hope it’s just perfect when it’s done…I’m sure it will be! :)

  9. Barb Hendrickson

    Gosh, your husband must be a contractor to take on this kind of job! This is going to be amazing for you and I’m so happy for you. I wish I could more efficiently organize my space. I have a room about 11×13 or so. I can’t wait to see what you do with your space!

    Happy Stampin!

  10. A so well-deserved stamp room! I am so happy for you, Julia! It will be fun to see the progression.

  11. WOW what a great hubby for doing this! How exciting! I have a spare bedroom that looks like a war zone! You literally can not walk in my room. The floor is completely covered, the 6 foot counter is completely covered….you get the idea!

  12. Well I sure can’t wait to see what is to come with your creativity when you have your own space. If the beautiful things you create now come from an area like you describe, I can only imagine how your work will grow and change. I, for one, can’t wait to see. If I have never commented before, I love your blog and your art.

  13. Oh how exciting!!!Thanks for sharing your picture and I know you’re going to enjoy your space when it’s done

  14. You must be so excited. What a nice guy!!!!

  15. Oh how fun and exciting this must be for you, more room is always a plus and to have a place all our own for crafting is TERRIFIC, look forward to pics of your new space!

  16. You are too funny. You’re not excited or anything, hmmm? Showing pics of the *ground* where your stamp room will be. LOL. But we all get it. Congrats. I’ll be watching for stamp room progress pics.

  17. i am so excited for you!!

  18. Congrats, J!! I’m excited for you too! :)

  19. Oh how exciting!!! That is totally cool that you will have a very brand new spot just for you! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all done.


  20. How great! I would be going crazy waiting! I am not very patient. I bet it will be amazing when it’s finished.

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