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Birthday Pics, Kids’ Crafts & Lots of Links…

School is almost out…I know for some of you in the US,  it already is! Busy, busy days! Wonderful ones too! Make sure you take lots of time to enjoy them! I have a few links to help you out if you are interested! Although these are not all craft related, I hope you enjoy them….they are all links I’ve used many times in the past and found helpful. A lot of them are great for anyone…not just for people with kids! I always love a good tip or link too. Feel free to share any you might have in my comments section on this entry. I’d love to hear from you!

  • Engraving Art: For older kids Engraving Art is a great craft product and will help smooth out long trips or rainy days at the cottage. I’ve written a Craft Critique article on them that is published today. You can check it out at Engraving Art Article …
  • Kids Carnival Links: Craft Critique also has a great Kids Carnival with lots of links of fun things to do with your kids… Craft Critique Kids Carnival
  • Kraft Foods: Kids love food and cooking. I know my children always love…(well, most of the time) to try out new things in the kitchen. I love this site for great ideas for family cooking. They always turn out great and are very family friendly! Kraft Foods US site or the one I use, Kraft Canada. I think the sites are pretty much the same except the promotions are different. They also have a free magazine that you can sign up for there. I love getting mine in the mail. I believe they come about 6 times a year.
  • Family Fun: Need lots of fun kids ideas? I love Family Fun for that. They have a great magazine but their free on-line site is fabulous. It is packed full of great ideas for crafts, recipes, parties, printables…take a peek for yourself!
  • Family Time: Family Time is another site you may want to check out. Recipe ideas, kids crafts ideas, home and garden. This site is not just for families with small children, anyone can enjoy this site!
  • Parenting: Parenting tips, baby names, questions etc. can all be found at Parenting.com I used this site a lot during my last two pregnancies. It is a great resource of information. I especially liked the e-mail pregnancy updates. You can sign up each week to get an e-mail update on the size of your baby and how it is developing as you go along.
  • Movies: Kids always love movies…who doesn’t?! I’m rather picky on what my kids watch though! I love Kids In Mind for movie reviews. They rate the movie on profanity, violence and sex/nudity. They even break it down into exactly what you will be seeing and hearing. It always pays to make a well-informed decision on what you let your kids watch. Another fabulous site is Plugged In Online! It is by Focus on the Family and also reviews music and tv as well as movies. Plugged In is a resource I really trust.

The Birthday Pics…

Joshua had a pretty nice 2nd birthday yesterday. It wasn’t that exciting a day as two of  his siblings were home sick, but he enjoyed himself! We had lots of fun playing toys and watching a new Jay Jay movie. We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t have cake with my parents and aunt as we had planned but Mom was not well-enough and there was no way we could bring sick kids near her. 🙁

It was so hard to know what to buy Joshua! As a fifth child and the fourth boy…we have a good supply of toys. Well, that is quite the understatement! LOL Because of everyone being sick and my mom in the hospital last weekend, I haven’t gotten out yet to get him his large present. I think we’ve finally settled on a slide and little ride-on car…the toddler kind. He is such a sweetie and so easy to please! I had managed to buy him some more soothers and a couple new bibs at the drug store when I picked up still more antibiotics. I was so glad that I had also ordered a few things from www.christianbook.com ! Love that site! Great quality products and they ship so easily to my door…always in a week. I’m sure it would be even quicker if you live in the USA. Joshua got the most darling Larry Boy (from Veggietales) dress up toy….just like Mr. Potato Head only Larry Boy. He adores it! I also ordered the Jay Jay movies and the cutest Playdough Veggie Tales Haircut set. Benjamin and Joshua have been having a great time with that. Another really cute toy for the toddler that has everything…Little Tikes has a new Bubble Animal machine. You squeeze the handle, the mouth opens and the bubbles blow out. No mess! I love it as much as he does, LOL. 🙂 I also bought one of those for his cousin Jack. Jack’s birthday is tomorrow…they were born only 40 hours apart! Happy, happy birthday, Jack!

Joshua with Diego Cake, Joshua & Benjamin


Time for Presents


Make sure you take the time to check back in tomorrow. 🙂 I just may have a little goodie here for you!