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Basic Grey Precision File Kit {C’est Bon!}

Have you ever tried to get a nice finish on those little bitty chipboard corners?! Yikes! Sandpaper is fabulous for outside edges and large shapes, but what do you do when you are trying to cover monograms? Especially letters like B! They can be more than a little tedious! Enter Basic Grey. The new Basic Grey Precision File set is a papercrafter’s best friend. Why did no one come up with this before now?!

Basic Grey Precision File Set


When I first saw the Basic Grey Precision  File kit on their latest CHA Winter line release…I had my order in right away. These tool kits were so popular, Basic Grey literally couldn’t keep up with the sales! As with every thing Basic Grey produces…it is a must have item!

There are so many great things about these files. Before, I was using sand paper for all the chipboard and other altering projects I worked on. Now sandpaper is great and cheap and I still use it at times, but it has a habit of falling apart on you. You have to fold it to work into small areas and it can be a little hard on the hands to work with. I was also always losing it. You KNOW I am not the Queen of Organization! LOL


What I love about the Basic Grey Precision Files

  • Great plastic soft-grip handles make them easy to hold and easy on the hands
  • They come in lots of fabulous shapes so you are bound to find one to fit the exact area you need
  • They come in a nice round case that is compact, easy to store but keeps everything in one place so it is hard for me to lose!
  • They are pink! It’s not too likely that I will lose them to the many masculine members of my family
  • These babies are strong and durable
  • I can easily distress or alter anything that I can think of
  • The price! Very affordable! Approx $6.99 US

Where can you use these files? On anything you wish to distress or alter! Try them on paper, chipboard, painted surfaces, even metal. Just have fun with them! Basic Grey also makes fabulous chipboard that comes in the most convenient packages. I think I own it all as the quality is fabulous and I love the designs. If  you are interested in the taking a look at the Basic Grey newsletter that features these files check it out here.

I purchased my Precision Files from Jacksonbelle. I believe she has a new shipment in this week if you are having trouble finding them. Please note…I am not affiliated in any way with Basic Grey or Jacksonbelle. I just love the product! I also included where I bought them to save any questions on where you can buy them. :)


I’ve also included a little sample of chipboard where I used my Basic Grey Precision File Set. I think you’ll be seeing a lot more chipboard from me in the future! This is a little closeup of the project I’m finishing up to share with you tomorrow.

Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day!