Daily Archives: May 7, 2007

A Fabulous Mail Day…

I’m so excited I just had to share! My day started out great…10 am brought a fabulous parcel with my order from Jacksonbelle! Lots of yummy new goodies I just could not resist! Yay!!!! Pretty great mail day!!!

 I was making dinner tonight and one of the kids says…Mom, a delivery truck is here. Could it be?! YES!!!! I was so excited! Dinner had to wait! A fabulous box full of new goodies but the most exciting thing was two copies of Cards Magazine May 2007 issue! My very first four cards in print! I still high about it!

Tonight after visiting my mom and giving her one of my Cards copies…I stopped by the Post Office. My mail person had left a Delivery Notice in my box and I had to go sign and pick up the parcel. It was my MIA parcel of stamp sets from Lizzie Anne Designs. Yippee! I’ve been haunting my mailbox for it for the past three weeks!

So now I have new magazines, new stamps, new paper, new ribbon, new ink, new embellishments…I just need some TIME! That is the only bad part LOL! Tomorrow is busy with appointments and I’m going to have to wait until later to have some fun! I guess I’ll just have to be happy with finding a few seconds here and there to peek in my boxes!:)

A Quick Gift…

I’ve been wanting to try this out for some time….I recently came across a couple Stampin Up notecubes that I bought a couple years ago. I believe they are now retired (someone correct me if I’m wrong) but I know there are various on-line sources for them. Stamp On This sells note cubes, but I have never purchased them from them so I can’t verify their quality. If you have purchased some from Stamp On This or another source, please let me know and I’ll share it on this post.

Edited to add…I received some feedback on Stamp On This…good reviews on the company and the memo cubes are great…even the less expensive seconds. HTH!

Poppy Memo Cube


For this cube, I stamped my beautiful Stampendous Poppies on the sides of the note cube. To get a nice, layered look, I created a mask with some scrap paper. If you’ve never masked before…simply stamp your image on a piece of scrap paper or a post-it note works fabulous. Cut it out and layer over the image you have already stamped. Then stamp the image again, off to the side. This gives a layered look and protects the original image from being stamped on.

Quick Tip: Hold the top and bottom of the cube tightly with your other hand with stamping on the sides to get a clean image.

Having never really used cubes before…I had to experiment a little. I was trying to watercolor the poppies, and would much have preferred that, but it just wasn’t working well for me on the edges of all those paper layers. I had to pull out my markers instead and then color in the poppies. After coloring in the poppies…I decided the bottom edge still needed a little filling in so I used the brush end of my marker to make quick sketched in grass strokes.

To add a little interest and dress up the project a little, I tied the cube with my green striped ribbon from Jacksonbelle. I then added a little tag. To make this, I punched out a little tag from the Kraft cardstock and then stamped my poppies on it. I watercolored the poppies and then matted the tag with Whisper white and Pink Passion layers. After punching the tiny hole in the top of the tag, I tied it on with the striped ribbon.

This project was designed as a quick gift and is very easy to do. Today’s technique challenge TLC115, is to make a teacher’s end of the year gift and as teachers go through a lot of notes, I thought this would be a pretty but practical gift.

Edited to add …

Some reader’s tips:

Use an elastic band to hold the memo cube tightly together while you stamp on the sides.

Drill a hole near the corner of the cube (I’m assuming the corner near to the binding) to hold a pencil.